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Last week-end, Concert in Yokohama with Nick Rosen and Paul Rosentahl. Meeting again after 45 years. It was a memorable and touching... read more

Memory of Jascha Heifetz

Memory of Jascha Heifetz <After 45 years highly anticipated reunion> Pierre Amoyal, violin   Paul Rosenthal, viola  Nathaniel Rosen, Cello R.Schumann Piano quartet op.47 9 October 2016 4PM Goethe-za, Iwasaki Museum, 254 Yamate-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0862, Japan More d’information  ... read more


Pierre Amoyal is well known to music lovers. He has played with the greatest conductors and orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls of the world. This virtuoso is also the lucky owner of the one of the most beautiful violins ever made : the famous “Kochanski,” a Stradivarius that was stolen from him in 1987, and which was miraculously recovered four years later by the Italian “Carabinieri”.


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Pierre Amoyal is a passionate teacher. He was appointed a professor at the National Conservatory in Paris at a very young age and tought at the Lausanne Conservatory (Haute Ecole de Musique). He is the artistic director of the Lausanne Summer Music Academy, devoted exclusively to the violin/piano repertoire …


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